Circular saw runout


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Circular saw runout

When using my circular saw on a cut of anything more than a few inches, it constantly wants to turn out to the right and ends up binding the blade. What am I doing wrong?
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I would first check for excess play in the shaft. With the saw unplugged check to see if the shaft has any detectable end play.
You could also try a different blade to see if that changes anything and then maybe try to see if you are possibly not using a good cutting technique.
A straight edge clamped or tacked to the board being cut may tell you something.
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Drag on the power cord could cause this as well. So could a dull or warped blade. I remember about 12 years ago using some "Lightning" blades which would heat up, warp and bind up on anything more than a pine 2x4. They were total ****, and the lumbreyard I worked for put a "free" sign on the entire case we had purchased after we figured it out. Fortunately we had only sold a couple to customers by then. That was my first lesson never to trust a salesman, as he really pushed them.
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My guess would be the blade. What you're describing is what happens to chain saws when they need sharpening.

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