sharpening with a dremel


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Cool sharpening with a dremel

would a dremel be a good thing to sharpen knifes and lawnmower blades with? i have used it sharpen my old blade for practice and it seems like it does a good job but does anyone know if it would get the job done? i have the regular grinding stone and i have a grinding stone that is shaped with a point shape, which should i use?

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A whetstone (water, oil or diamond) will give you a much better edge on a knife than a Dremel grinder. For a lawnmower blade, the amount of steel which usually needs to be removed would exceed what you could reasonably do with the tiny Dremel stone. If you don't have a bench grinder, you could do a better (and faster) job with an inexpensive drill mounted grinding stone.
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Hello: littleworker

The hand held Dremel power tool is not designed for sharpening the tools you need sharpened. Kitchen knives must have straight and flat cutting edges with the proper cutting angle to be effective.

Such cannot be obtained with the Dremel hobby power tool. Closest possible to a professional power tool would be the grinding wheel with a fine grit wheel or a belt sander with a fine grit belt.

Almost any lost cost electric power kitchen knife sharpener will do a better final job for knife sharpening than the hand held Dremel power tool. Worth the cost to buy a power kitchen knife shapener than ruin the existing knives you already have, in my opinion.

Basically the same for the mower blade as with the kitchen knives. Belt sanders or grinding wheels work well for the non professional do it yourself mower blade sharpening needs.

Mower blades must be rebalanced once any sharpening has been done. Failure to balance the blade will cause mower vibrations. The vibrations will damage the engines crankshaft oil seal, resulting in oil leakage & engine internal parts damage.

Already posted are several questions with replies on the topic of mower blade sharpening & balancing. Reading them would provide much more information and helpful ideas and suggestions. Below are help links too.

DIY Web Sites Mower Blade Sharpening Link:

DIY Sharpening Link:
Nationwide supplier of industrial knives and sharpening supplies.

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I would have to disagree with the first two post and agree with blokemn. Most of this season I have sharpened my lawn mower blades w/the dremel attachment. Believe me thefirst time was a pain cause I havent sharpened my blades in two yrs, had alot of material to remove, just get your self a level for the blade to make sure it is balanced and have fun w/the dremel.

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Dremel is a delightful tool for jobs requiring finesse. For sharpening we don't want finesse - accurate geometry is the thing.

OK for lawnmower blades only because lawnmower blades don't really matter.

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