Best saw blade for what I need to do...


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Best saw blade for what I need to do...


I'm a DIYer and use my 10" table saw mostly for cross cuts and ripping. I have a 24 tooth blade for the rough stuff and an 80" when I need to get a fine cut.

I have some 1x3s (poplar) that I'd like to split down the middle, ending up with 1/2" x 3s (actually it will end up more like 3/8"). Is a particular type or toothed blade recommended for such a cut? It doesn't have to be a perfect finish, it seems like the 80 tooth blade would be overkill.

Any thoughts?

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I'm a poor woodworker. I "resaw" wood all the time on my table saw. I don't have a bandsaw heavy enough and I don't have a thickness planer. I use a 60 tooth B&D Piranha for everything...crosscut, rip, and resaw. I know it's designed for crosscuts, but I've ripped and resawn hundreds of feet of poplar, oak, pine, PT pine, cherry, walnut, and even hard maple with this blade. It goes through like butter and leaves a very good surface behind. Of course, planing or sanding is still in the cards for final finish. In fact, my first resaw job on the table saw was poplar for drawer boxes.

I have a couple of suggestions. If the first cut takes the whole board width, then one pass will do. If the blade won't quite reach all the way through, I cut one side half way through, then flip and cut the other half. This limits the board width to roughly twice the reach of your blade.

Use feather boards. With a featherboard in front of the blade, make the first cuts close but not quite to the thickness you're trying to achieve. Make it so that less than a kerf width is left to remove. Since you'll have material on the outside of the blade after it passes through, you can't use a featherboard behind the will pinch and burn. After this "rough" cut, add the second feather board behind the blade and cut to final thickness.

I leave enough to run across a 6" jointer, but sanding works quite well with the finish left by the Piranha.

Have fun making little boards out of big boards.
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Thanks for the tips, Randy! I like the featherboard info - makes good sense.

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