Circular Saw is Squealing - Why?


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Circular Saw is Squealing - Why?

Hello there,

I was cutting up some board with a circular saw, and it started to squeal. It was off and on at first, but over the next couple minutes of cutting it starting doing it constantly.

When I take my finger off the trigger, the saw stops quickly, like it's not spinning freely anymore.

It's an older hand-me-down Skil saw, but hasn't had any problems so far.

I took the blade off, just to see, and the same thing still happens with no blade.

Any ideas?

Thank you,
Chris S.
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I was gonna say wood binding...but you took the blade off and it STILL did it??? ....the type of saw, and type of motor would help...roller bearings?...brushes?...etc.
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Sounds like the bearings are going. Unless it's an expensive higher-end saw, I would junk it and buy a new one. Fixing an old one is probably more expensive than replacing it.
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I would agree that it sounds like the bearings.

If you want to play around and are handy you could do some exploratory surgery to see if a couple of drops of oil will help.

Maybe if they are sleeve bearings and are gummed up you could squeeze a few more years out of it by cleaning it up and re-oiling.
If you oil it you must use oil for electric motors, not regular motor oil, wd-40 or regular 3 in 1 oil.
You can get oil specifically designed for motors or a more economical way is to purchase a bottle of 30 weight non-detergent oil which should be available at auto supply stores.

Having an old saw repaired would not likely pay.

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