I need to cut a steel door...


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Question I need to cut a steel door...

Glad I found this page. As a single mom with a 16 year old son who likes to tackle home improvement projects (he has put down pergo in living room and is working on the office), all of this information will come in very handy. At least I know where to look for the answers.

I need to cut our back door to install a rather sizeable pet door. What tool would I use for that?

Thanks for your help.

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you'll have to drill a hole thru it, then use a jig-saw with a metal cutting blade.

another thing you may want to do is back the door up with wood on both sides, so you don't get alot of "edge denting" for lack of a better term (even if it would be covered it could make it hard to install the pet door). Lets say you use an "up" blade, (cuts on the up stroke), when you cut, it could pull the side towards you out of shape every time the blade comes up (and the other side too for that matter). Check the hardware store for a extra length metal cutting jig-saw blade (I can only assume there is such a thing as I have never needed one). Place...ohhhh....say 3/8" plywood scraps over the area you want to cut and clamp them or drill holes in the door in the area that will be removed and bolt the 2 pieces together tightly. This should keep the "edge denting" to a minimum.

Now that I think about the thickness of a door and 3/4" of plywood, I don't know that you would need an extra length blade, regular may come all the way through, if not check for the extra length.
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I can't really add anything to jproffer's advice, I just want to congratulate you on having raised such a great 16 year old. We're constantly hearing about vandalism, drinking and drugs that it's nice to read about a 16 year old into some good things and helping his mom too!

Good on you.

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I agree that you are fortunate to have an idustrious son.

A jigsaw would be a good tool to use as jproffer suggested.
You might find though that a backer board would make it too thick for a standard length jigsaw blade.
If you use a 24 tooth blade, which is what is needed for thin metal, there will be very little burring of the edge.
A tip is to put masking tape on the bottom of the jigsaw's foot to prevent the door from being marked when you run the jigsaw over it.

Do you have a jigsaw?
Any more questions just ask.

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Red face Many thanks to all, and next question...

I do not have a jigsaw. I could probably borrow one, but I fear harming someone else's property, and it seems like a great tool. So if it is not too expensive, I would like to buy one.

I checked on line and there seems to be a great disparity in amperage, stroke length, strokes per minute, etc.

I know I don't need professional quality, and I don't think I want the $30 model, so any suggestions?

Thanks for your help and for the kind words. God has been good to us.
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What I would suggest is that you use the specs you find as a guide, but go out to look at and feel the saw.
The all handle differrently.

I would suggest you not buy the least expensive one.
I too will be looking for jig saw and a feature I will want is a saw that doesn't need a tool to install the blade.

You will also need a drill and a couple of bits to first drill some holes in the door as jproffer suggested and a square to make sure your opening is good.

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