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Arrow Cordless Drill Batteries

I have a Skil model 2375 cordless drill that uses a 9.6volt battery#92955. Skil informs me that they no longer make a battery for this drill. Is thare an alternate source for this battery? Many thanks
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Carolina Man,

I too have looked for jobber batteries but think that there are too many styles and they keep changing, which would make it difficult for a company to produce.

You have a very inexpensive drill and I know it may go against all logic, but the value in a cordless drill is in the batteries.
I know for a fact that even if you could find replacements, a new drill with two batteries will be less expensive than replacement batteries.

I know, I have a whole drawer full of dead drills.
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This is an old thread, but I thought I'd mention that if you take the battery apart you'll find a bunch (8 in this case) of 1.2V ni-cads. They're usually spot welded in, but the weld is easy to break. If you were really determined to fix this drill you could replace the batteries that are inside the battery case. One time I went so far as to try to turn a battery pack into a hard-wired power supply (a Hitachi drill that I really liked). I had to use a car battery charger to get enough juice. It did work, but the drill took longer to rev up than it would've with normal batteries. Might have worked better with a step down transformer & rectifier. Oh well...

Just something to do in your spare time with that drawer full of old drills & batteries.
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try a battery specility place

there is one locally "batterys plus " ( i dont know if they are natinal or not )

they can make battery packs to fit anything,

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