and yet another compressor problem


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and yet another compressor problem

I have a small King Canada 4 gal 2HP (at least 2 is what it states). It is less then a year old, so it is still under warrenty, however, I am hoping that I can repair it myself, due to the fact that with the warrenty, I will loose it for quite a while.

For a few months now it has run fine, oil level is always check, and an intake filter installed and cleaned frequently. Recently though I have been having a problem with it that I cannot quite figure out; When initially powered on and pressured up, everything goes without a problem and the motor shuts off at the desired pressure. Sometimes it will go a for a few on cycles before the problem starts. Then the motor will go into an on cycle and struggle, eventually seizing and tripping its breaker. If I leave it over night (drained), the next day it will run fine the first (or first few) turn-on, then the same problem will come back

I have taken apart the valve/cylinder assembly and everything appears to be in good shape. Mind you, I have only worked on gas engines and not compressors before.

Any ideas??


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I have the same compressor.
I have a few different commercial compressors and purchased this one because of its portability.
It sounds like the unloader is not working properly.
There is an air line connected to the pressure switch that bleeds the pressure off the compressor head each time the compressor starts.
If the bleeder does not function and drain the pressure, there will be pressure against the piston and the motor will not be able to start.
If you watch the pressure switch carefully when it works properly, you will see or feel a puff of air just before the motor starts.

I might also add, this unit is not designed for many hours of operation.
If you will miss having it when sent away for warranty, I would suggest that maybe you have bought a compressor that may not stand up to the use you make of it.
I would say that if you run it for more that a few hours a month you might do better with a heavier duty unit.

I would suggest you have it repaired under warranty. A quality pressure switch with an unloader is at least half the cost of what you paid for your unit.
I paid $99.00 CDN for mine.
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Are you using an extension cord?

I had exactly the same symptoms on a compressor I own. I had it in my trunk, ready to go in for repairs, when I remembered that I was told to not use extension cords, but to add air hose. I plugged it directly into a receptacle and no more problems!

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Well, if that is the case, then in for warranty it will go. I have used the unit with both extension and not, it didn't make a difference. However, I was using a 10 gauge extension to eliminate the chance of that happening. I don't use it that often, it is only used for odd jobs away from my basement. The problem is that I am installing my deck now, to loose it would set me back some time, but it might be best that I try to borrow a friends.

The one thing that I did notice last night, when inspecting it some more I ran it with all the covers off so I could repeat the problem and check the electrical. I could not repeat the problem in my basement. So I brought it back outside and tried it and the problem came back. The electrical was all fine and the only thing that stood out to me was how badly the unit vibrated when sitting on the lawn as compared to a solid surface. I am not sure if this would effect anything though, and I did not know to check the unloader at the time. I will look at that.


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