Surface planer opinions?


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Surface planer opinions?

Looking for make/model recommendations for a surface planer. Been doing without for decades of woodworking, but ready to add one to my tool collection. It will likely NOT get heavy usage, so it follows that I would prefer not to spend $500 for a tool that will only get occasional use. Price will not be the primary factor, but will need consideration against the amount of usage.

Thanks, guys.
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I am still drooling since my financial controller (the wife) won't let me get one, but I have heard lotsa good things about this planer.

I own quite a few other Delta products and I've never been disappointed.

Congratulations on your decision to finally add this to your tool collection. I envy you.
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I've got an older 'no snipe' Delta and do like it.

The new 2 speed model does sound good.

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I really like the Delta 12” ShopMaster my friend has. We use it for lots of work at times and then it will just sit for a month. It cost him around $200. At my house I have a DeWalt 12 ½ three blade rig. It works very well and, I really can’t tell much of a difference on most wood between it and the ShopMaster. And my DeWalt cost about $400. Both planers are good rigs; a lot of it comes down to how much you are going to want to spend.
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Thanks, guys. I had looked at a couple of the Delta planers in the past when I had the urge but not the cash. I vaguely remember reading a tool review of some kind that favored the 12 1/2 or 13" units over the 12"; can't remember what the problem area was specifically on the 12" that differed in design from the bigger ones. At any rate, they're in the price range of what i'm willing to spend considering, like Weldgod, that it may spend months idle between uses. Unfortunately I don't live in an area of the country where I can get attractive prices on rough sawn lumber to plane down or I would have bought one long ago. Right now I happen to have a stack of cypress that was given to me by friends who were dismantling an old house that will be first order of business. Was used as fencing and siding and has one rough/painted side. Already planed some on a borrowed machine and it came out very nice. Probably could have got a bunch more, but didn't find out about it until the demo work was nearly done. Oh, well.
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I have a Ridgid 13" planer which is almost identical to the Delta. My model is no longer available though. If I had to buy a small one now, I wouldn't hesitate to get another ridgid or a delta. I looked at several when I got mine, and both the ridgid and delta have emerson motors and almost identical feed systems that almost eliminate snipe. The ridgid had slightly softer feed rollers than the delta (the softer they are, the better they grip, but the easier they are to damage if you feed them more than they can pull through). At the time, the ridgid knives were cheaper by 50% than the deltas. Either one should be a good machine. I don't use mine that much anymore....I got a big one now (4 side moulder) .
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like you a planer has become "oneofthoestoolsijustgottahave"

take a look at ryobi ap1300

" fine homebuilding and fine woodworking 2004 tool guide "the editors rate it as a best value

if you can get your hands on a copy they have a nice write up on planers
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tow guy

I just noticed your in sarasota county so am I

I dont think this board lets us contact each other or I would let you borrow my tool guide .

I also have a pile of old TG cypress that I want to plane down and use for wainscoating

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