Do I need to regulate the pressure on my air gun.


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Do I need to regulate the pressure on my air gun.

I bought a compressor with a max psi of 175. I always thought that with more pressure more power and blast away. A friend said you are supossed to regulate the pressure when using certain air tools to 90 lbs. He sau=id that is what they are rated for. Who is right?
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I'm afraid your friend is correct.
Air tools are typically rated for 90 psi. They will run at a higher pressure but if operated at a higher pressure than they are rated for the tool will wear faster than design or even break.

The only reason a mfr will rate a small compressor that high is to confuse folks into thinking they have something good.
The problem with using them that high is that the cfm capacity drops off greatly and it places undue wear on the pump and motor.

CFM at 90 psi is the rating that means something and allows you to compare units.
Also, watch because some mfr's put a cfm rating at 45 psi which will be a bigger number, but one that compressors seldom operate at.

Take a look at the pressure guage and see if it it factory set at 175 psi.
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Greg' correct. Just go by what the tool manual says. From what I've seen, every manufacturer recommends that the pressure be set at a minimum required to drive a fastner. Higher pressure puts unnecessary wear and tear on the gun. Of course, there are probably some tools that require the full 175 psi to drive studs into steel or high psi concrete.

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