Need to make awkward cuts


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Need to make awkward cuts

I am putting some hardwood down and am mearing completion. Due to the fact that I am new at it and possbily some poor planning as a result, I now find that I need to make some cuts to the door frame and trim on the closet so that I can squeeze the floorboards underneath. Last night I whipped out my leatherman and, using the saw blade, removed trim on one side of the closet. It worked ok but is not reall clean and was a bit of a pain.

I figure there must be a good tool out there to do this kind of thing for me and am looking for suggestions. I was wondering about trying one of those rotary cutting tools (dremel) but wondered if there is a preferred brand or better tool for making awkward cuts. I figure I could also use the tool for cutting out drywall so that I can install some phone and coax receptacles.

Any ideas?
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Funky Cutting Tools

Well I don't know if this helps your situation or not, but I can tell you what I have and use
I do have a dremel (actually the label says Craftsman, but it's a Dremel)
I refer to it often, especially with "little" problems
Mostly I use the cut-off wheels and drum sanders
I wouldn't think the wheel would be good for cutting wood
But then I have some mini router bit things for that
I have a little attachment that makes the dremel into a mini-router
I also have a...a forget what it's's a side cutting bit (rotory cutting bit?) that turns the dremel into a mini Roto-Zip

Which brings me to the Roto-Zip
This was invented by a drywaller to make quick cuts in drywall for recepticles etc.
Well this has got me out off some tricky situations also as they have bits for wood, countertops, etc.
Not to mention it's tops for drywall
The way it cuts means it can be used in places a jig or recipricating saw won't fit
It's much beefier than the dremel and acually has torque (dremmel=high RPM, low torque)
It came with an attachment for using it to cut out circles wich is quite handy, but I don't have the need for much of that

I guess I grab the dremel more often but the Roto-Zip when I need a little more
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There is a horizontal trim saw to cut off door trim. You lay a piece of flooring upside down against trim and then the saw cuts right where the flooring will meet the bottom of the trim.
It's like a razor saw,

Come on Chris, what's the dang saw called??

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I would be inclined to remove the door trim , lay the wood and then replace the door trim

this is really not a job for a power tool something along these lines would be what I would use
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[email protected],

A flush cut saw will allow you to undercut the moldings without removing them.

<img src="">
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That seems more like what [email protected] needed
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Home Depot sells a flush cut saw by Irvin, for $10.00. It's long enought to cut door jams easily. It's about 10" long (blade). Flush cut saws come a endless varieties. Buy the Irvin and you will be happy for this job.
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flush cut

I just installed a laminate floor an used my Fein 636 saw to cut the casings. I even used it to cut the old sub floor loose under the toe space with their E-cut blade. Its a little pricey but pays for itself in no time

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