Stripped Bolt - New Dishwasher


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Stripped Bolt - New Dishwasher

I'm installing a new dishwasher. Should be simple, but of course I killled power to the kitchen, so I can't really see what I'm doing all that well. And my floor isn't level, so it's kind of ****eyed...

Reattaching the water supply hose, the bolt at the compression fitting appears to be getting stripped. My 5/8" wrench is too small to grab it, and my 11/16" is slipping. I have one of those "miracle" wrenches that fits all bolts, but the small opening goes to 5/8, and the big opening starts at 11/16...

Of course, it's on there just tight enough that I can't remove it, but not tight enough that water doesn't shoot everywhere!

It's too tight a space to get into with vice-grips. I'm going to go look at Home Depot for a 21/32 wrench. But the odds that someone at Home Depot is capable of solving my problem are about the same odds that elves will pop out of my basement and attach my dishwasher while I am at work today.

So... What the heck do I do?

Is my only option pulling the dw out, turning it upside down, cutting off the hose, and going nuts with vice grips?

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I'm not exactly sure what kind of restraints you're under for space, but a basin wrench sounds like it might be the tool you need. You'll find them in the plumbing section of any hardware store or home center.

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