weatherstripping router


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weatherstripping router

Hi all, Im looking for the trim router with the special attachment that lets you cut a slot in the corner of a door jamb at the stop for inserting bulb type weatherstripping. The weatherstrip supplier sellsone for 1200.00 $ and all it is is a dewalt trimmer router wih a corner attachment (clever) for getting straight into the corner. The router cost approx 200.00$ so I cant see paying 1200.00$ for what shouldn't cost more than 400.00$ Anyone have one used or knows who makes one more resonably priced. Thanks
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Sounds like the weatherstrip company is a little over priced.

When you say attachment do you mean an attachment to the router or a bit?

I suggest you got to a tool store in your area. Home centers like Home depot or lowes won't carry specialty items and if they can order them, it may take a while.

There has to be a tool speciality store in your area. They are stores that sell only tools. They should have the same set up as the weather strip company.
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Difficult item to look for.

I've found a supplier for a router bit for this but it's in the UK.

Here is a link to a pdf that shows them.
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thanks for the imput guys. the tool is just a dewalt trimmer router mounted to a round base with a handle on it. whats unigue about it is that the base is shaped to hold the router at an angle with a shape to allow it to keep the grooving bit firmly in the corner.the bottom of the base comes to a point allowing it to get into the corner formed by the jamb and the door stop.

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