sharpen chain


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sharpen chain

I have read many threads here on chain saw chain sharpening and am confused. if the cutting tooth and the raker are set at factory so the saw does not cut too deep,what reason is there for filing down the rakers ?
when you sharpen chain you are not reducing height of cutting tooth so why would you have to reduce height of raker ?? Would they not remain constant through life of chain ? Can anyone clear this up for me !!

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Hello: Dave. Welcome into my Sharpening Shop Forum Topic.

Look closely and you will notice the top of the cutting tooth is raked (sloped) backwards. Therefore, each sharpening lowers the tooths heigth slightly. Thus the need to lower the depth gauges, which are directly in front of the cutting tooth.

To see this angle, the chain has to be on a level surface with a flat metal measuring gauge laid across the top of 3 sections. When that is done, the height of the depth gauges (rakers) can be seen as well as the backwards slopping angle of the cutter tooth.

If the depth gauges are not lower to factory specs, the chain will begin to produce saw dust during cutting and not tiny chips of wood as it is suppose to. Additionally, the chain will run hotter and not cut very well, etc.

If you need further assistance, use the reply button to add any additional information or ask additional questions. Doing so will automatically move your question to the top of the forum list.

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Ah !!! It all makes sense now !
Thank you for your help !!

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