which framing nailer?


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which framing nailer?

I'm in the market for a round head framing nailer to be used for occacional framing, fencing ect. Can not decide between three guns up for bid on Ebay. Two are Senco (Framepro 602 & Framepro 702XP) and the other choice is a Porter-Cable FR350A. Small difference in price, however the Senco gun can shoot ring shank nails, which may come in hand for some projects. I would apprieciate any input in the decision making process. Thanks.
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I had hoped someone would have direct experience with these models which I don't.

Here is a review for the Porter-Cable FR350A.
I would suggest you serch the term "mod xxx nailer review" on Google and you will find a lot of info.

To help others, let us know what you buy and why.
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I have a Senco FramePro. Not sure, but I think it's a 602. I bought it after talking to professional carpenters for about a year (took me that long to convince "better half" this was a must-have) about which guns were best and Senco and Bostich kept coming up.

However, mine uses clipped head nails. I have heard that is a problem in some parts of the country and it was an issue when I installed Hardie siding and the manufacturer required full round heads.

Maybe some of the professionals here can give you more help.

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I bought a PC nailer used off of eBay and have been very happy with it. Can't imagine how I lived without it before. Haven't used a Senco, I imagine they work well.
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I have 3 PC nailers, including the PC 350mag, which is just the magnesium version of the 350a. Honestly I haven't used it that much yet (bought it for some future remodeling, plus a fence installation). But from the work I have done it's a real bad boy, and I mean that in a good way. Solid and dependable, and the nails go in real straight predictable. Depth setting is consistent. One reason I bought it is because I had good experience with the 2 PC finish/brad nailers I owned. Another reason I chose it over the others I was looking at is that it is one of the few that takes nails up to .162 diameter, 3.5" long. However, I will caution that it appears most projects only require smaller nails, and thus .162 dia nails are harder to find. I don't mind paying a bit more for a more robust nail. One thing about collated nails is that you get a lot of debris, and sometimes plastic pieces get stuck under the heads. Another downside with the 350 is that the shortest nail it takes is 2 3/8", whereas most other framers will take nails down to 2". Also, a lot of folks don't like that it doesn't come with a case, but that's not a showstopper for me. It seems to be a good tool and so far I'm happy with it.
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I know a few pro carpenters and the gun of choice is the Hitachi. They outlast everything else. The senco has a better rep than Porter. I have had 2 bostich framing guns. 1 burned up in a fire and my 2nd, I got 2 yrs ago at H.d. for $225 new. I wouldn't get a clip head, they can't be used for code work here (ca.) and as far as I know all guns will shoot ring shank nails.
The chinese copies work with 16's but bend 8 pennies so they aren't worth getting (at least not the one I and my neighbor have tried). My bostich works ok and I used it to build a house, and nail 240' of fence boards with 6 pennies which surprised my that they went in straight. I'd have bought the Hitachi but I don't use it enough to pay the extra ($100). I used a Porter C and it worked fine with 16's, and 8's.
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Hitachi and Paslode

I replaced an old Hilti framer (they don't make nailers any more) with a Hitachi NR83A which uses FRH nails up to 3-1/4". All I ever user are 3" nails to avoid exposed nailpoints. This is an excellent tool; the only drawback is that this model lacks adjustable depth control. The current models have both depth adjustment as well as selective-fire triggers. The 21-degree nails are very reasonably priced; cheaper than the CH nails for the Paslode below.
Recently, I got a lightly used Paslode F350S for about $100 off retail. I obtained it at a commercial nail supply store where they repair nailers as well, so this unit had been refurbed by them. It uses clipped-head nails (though Paslode is coming out with offset RH nails as well). I use Hitachi CH nails which work well in the Paslode nailer and are less expensive than the Paslode nails. I still have and use the Hitachi as well.
Both of these units are name-brand nailers used by most of the framing contractors who earn a living using these tools.

If I were doing it again, I would get the Hitachi NR90AD which was just introduced into the market. It is a CH nailer which uses Paslode-compatible nails. It is lighter than either of the nailers above and retails for the same price as the Paslode F350S. Plus it's got a fancy paint job as well.
All of the Hitachi NR90xx units are very strong and easily drive nails into engineered lumber.

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