Hi! Question/Opinion...?


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Jason Lorette
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Smile Hi! Question/Opinion...?

Hi guys...just wanted to say hello...this is my first post...man am I ever glad to have found this forum!

The reason for that is that the girlfriend and I just bought our first home 3 months ago...and now the "tweaking" begins

I've surfed here for that past couple of days and learned already...and i'm sure that I will learn more...now for my question:

Saw this in a flyer this morning...is this worth buying?


...or am I better off getting something larger?

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Consider what you will be cutting. The 8-1/4" saws seem to be for 2x4's and smaller materials. They are very attractive price-wise.

I recently bought a 10" saw for better crosscut capacity, improved blade selection, and to match blade size with my table saw.
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Jason, welcome to diy.com

"Which are better" or "what should I buy" questions are the most difficult to answer.

In your case however, it's a bit easier.
A mitre saw is not really a major investment and would be something most can afford to buy what they need, rather than just what's cheap.

The problem with the one you have linked to is the 8 1/4" blade will be just a bit too small to cut a lot of things.
I would suggest that even if you double what you spend over the one you are thinking about, one that takes a 10" blade would be a wise investment.

If you are into shopping online diy.com offers alternatives.
Also, for Canadians, Home Hardware has a 10" compound saw on sale right now for $129.00 CDN that is a good bargain.
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Jason Lorette
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Thanks for the welcome Greg

Thanks for the opinions guys! I thought that the 8 1/4 might be a little small..just the price was so attractive...

I'm currently building a dog house for our German Shepherd in the back yard...2x4's...1x6's etc. and have been using my circular saw...but it's a pain cutting "angles" with a circ saw.

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Jason Lorette
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Cool Rigid?

What is your guy's opinion of "Rigid" Tools? I'd never heard of them until Home Depot arrived in our town, a friend says they are good tools and I see them on all those home improvement shows on TLC, but are they any good? what kind of lifespan do they have? Warranty?


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Rigid makes great pipe wrenches. They last for years and years even if you abuse them. I looked at their new line of saws and stuff at HD and what I see looks pretty good. Price is within reason. Am watching the wood magazines for a test article. A lot depends on how much you will be using them. I have a cheap bunch of tools for jobs that I may only do once or twice and pricey tools I use all the time.

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