Ridgid cordless drill


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Ridgid cordless drill

I have recently purchased a 12 volt Ridgid cordless drill from Home Depot, I usually buy DeWalt but decided to go with Ridgid because it had the same torque(350 lbs) but came with a 3 year warranty on everything including the batteries. The charger is a 20 minute quick charge which is faster than the DeWalt 1 hour quick charge. I have heard somewhere though that the 20 minute quick charger is not good for the batteries it shortens there life span and they don't last long between chargings. Anybody have advise about Ridgid cordless drills, any input would be greatly appreciated !!!


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As far as an opinion on Rigid drills, I believe that in a particular price range, there really isn't much difference between any of them.
Follow the mfr's instructions and I'm sure it will give you good service.

Here is a good article on caring for cordless batteries.
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I work for Metabo Power Tools in the UK, and prior to this worked for Dewalt for 8 years.

Battery technology has changed a lot over the last ten years, not just the battery cells themselves but the charging as well. Most professional brands (Metabo, Dewalt, Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee) now use a smart charge system, and have stopped using the traditional transformer chargers that just pumped heat into the cells for a set period of time and then reverted to a trickle charge. The easy way to tell what sort of charger you have is to feel the weight. A transformer gives a heavy charger, whereas the smart systems are very light.

I don't know your specific charger and the technology that it uses, but most
modern rapid chargers such as that now used by Metabo (ICS 15) will increase the overall life of the battery. Giving you up to 3000 recharge cycles because of the air cooling technology (The previous ICS 10 rapid charger would give 1500 to 2000). This is compared to a standard 30 minute to 1 hour fast charger that will give around 700 - 1000 recharge cycles.

The new chargers from Metabo now use an air cooling system that is available on a new range of drill drivers. This technology has already been used on 24V machines by Dewalt and Makita as the batteries are so big they have a real problem keeping them cool. Metabo is the first to use the technology on 9.6V to 18V.

The biggest killer for batteries is temperature. The longer a battery is charging the more heat is generated etc etc. There is also the technology as well, but if you buy from one of the well known brands, you should be getting a good level of quality and technology.

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