What type of drill bit do I need?


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Unhappy What type of drill bit do I need?


I have just installed my new pendant light fixture in my dining room. However, the place where the old fixture was placed in the ceiling was really off centered. I would have to have my dining room table almost against the wall, so that the fixture would hang centered over the table. So I bought a Swag hook so that I may recenter my light. It instructed me to drill a hole 1/8" into the joist (wood/metal). This drill do not even penetrate the ceiling at all. I went and bought a masonry bit, thinking that it was very hard concrete. But I think that the joist are steel. What type of drill bit do I need to drill through steel?? Very frustrated!
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Just the twist drills you see at home depot or Lowes. Will work for steel. Run your drill slower to drill in steel.

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I would try drilling in a diffrent spot or better yet check it out from abouve could be you have some conduit there and you wouldnt want to drill into that

I cant imagine that you have steel joists in your home
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Hi Jazzsha,

mango man is 100 percent right - if you're hitting metal you might very well be drilling into an electrical conduit, into an electrical junction box, or into a water pipe - so I very strongly suggest that you think about relocating that hole.

Good luck! OVD
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Angry Everywhere seems very hard to drill through

I have tried several spots on the ceiling and I am having a hard time at each spot. I used the stud finder to see where I should start drilling, but it doesn't make a difference. Anywhere I drill is very hard to penetrate. I live in an apartment (condo), top level so I cannot look from above. Any suggestions???
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I have the feeling that you may be living in one of the more modern buildings that was constructed with steel reinforced (rebar) concrete. In this type of construction the walls, floors, and ceilings are all concrete. They were made by pouring concrete into plywood forms that were first fitted with heavy duty steel bars usually called rebar. The only "studs" you can find in buildings with this type of construction will be the metal type behind the sheetrocked walls; there are no ceiling joists or studs of any kind. If you're drilling into a ceiling like this and you're hitting metal, that metal is the rebar, you've found one of those steel reinforcing bars that criss-cross and grid the entire floor. There is also steel wire mesh in some of the floors and ceilings. Some of these buildings also might have steel cables stretched and put under tension in the concrete for strengthing. You could be hitting that too. From my interpertation of your explanation it sounds to me that you would be best served by using a concrete anchor; plastic, fibre, or metal to hang the item.
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hi try using a hammer drill and also check f the drill is in forward not reverse



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