chainsaw--flat grind vs round file?


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chainsaw--flat grind vs round file?

I've been reading the info contained in some past threads regarding chainsaw sharpening. I've read that hand sharpening should be done with a round file, though most pros recommend professional sharpening. My confusion is that the last time I had my chain professionally sharpened, the guy used the flat face of a grinding wheel. Though he approached each tooth at the correct angle, The saw definately cut better after that, but does that lead to shorter life of the chain? Or any other negative issues?

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Hello Guy. Welcome to our Do-It-Yourself Web Site and my Sharpening Shop forum topic.

What was done was to determine the correct grinding wheel size first. Than shape the wheel round to fit the cutting thooths facing angles. The sharpening machine has a rotating base for the angle. Adjustable to match the angle of the existing angle of the cutting tooth. The jig has a preset upwards incline. Once all two angles are set, base rotation angle and grinding wheels surface, the cutting begins.

If you mean flat face as the side of the grinding wheel, never seen nor heard of it. Face is the outter surface and not the side. Face...???

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At our store we sharpen chainsaw chains with a grinder made for the purpose and supplied by Stihl.It uses a thin flat blade which is angled to fit the teeth correctly.We do not use the flat side of the wheel nor would we ever in any case.As for using a file it would be round and it should be specifically labeled for chainsaws (there are other types of round files which are not appropriate for chainsaws) but the most important factor is it's size.There are approx. 6 sizes and it is absolutely essential that the right size is used or you will damage the chain.Using a file is time consuming but obviously it can be done in the field and in some respects is money saving.That said we usually can knock out a chain in ten minutes and charge only a few dollars to do it.Also available are kits made mainly by Dremel for sharpening but the grinders for it only come in a couple of sizes and it's an investment of around 30-40 dollars.Plus care must be used as a powered stone can take off too much etc. if you aren't carefull.

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