recoil hoses


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recoil hoses

This question is directed at Greg as I suspect he will certainly have an answer but if anyone else has suggetions I welcome them.

It seems that there is a lot of emphasis on getting a good quality hose for your compressor. I use a 1/4" commercial quality one for everything I do and am please with it. For some tasks I would like to use a recoil hose and I am wondering how I know a good one. I stopped into the local Can tire and they have 2 models, both of which feel light and cheap. Can someone please recommend a good recoil hose and what I need to look for?

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Are you referring to those curly-Q hoses that retract? If so DO NOT get the plastic ones. They have a tendency to dry out and break. No fun getting slapped silly by a runaway hose. Plant I worked at bought them and had to go to a different type as breaks were a daily occurance.
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That's right. The problem I have is that my regular hoses run all over the place and in a small room I am tripping over them and always worrying about dropping the crowbar on them. The recoil ones seem like they would be easier to keep tidy in some situations.

all I have seen are the plastic ones and they just seem too cheap. Are there better ones?
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You can get a good quality recoil air hose made of polyurethane as opposed to plastic. Checkout Coilhose Pneumatics, they have some good stuff.

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