Best air compressor for the money?


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david ahluwalia
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Best air compressor for the money?

I,m looking for a 60-80 gal tank.I,d like to have at least 12cfm.I may want to take up some body work.I,m looking at a Ingersol Rand at tractor supply.One is a single stage 80 gal w/ two huge cyl.s w/ 18cfm &135 psi. Another is a 2 stage at 17cfm at 175. the 2 stage is $300 more at $999.I dont know what the differences would be in the two in a real life situation.I also saw a 2 stage 80 gal at Sams club Delta for $757 looks good but no ideal who makes it and how servicable it would be in the long run??
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[FONT=]Your chances are pretty good at finding parts for the IR compressors. Single stage compressors compress the air and it is then sent it directly to the air tank. In a 2 stage air is compressed in the first stage the sent to a big tank, then cooled in the inter-cooler, then compressed again in the second stage, then sent to a smaller diameter cylinder. This stores more air. The extra air could be important in body work. 2 stage compressors are more efficient and tend to last longer then single stage compressors. But, for occasional use a single stage should last for quite awhile. What tools and what things are you planning on useing it for and, how often? [/FONT]

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