twin tank contractor style compressors


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twin tank contractor style compressors

I read the air compressor links, kudos for puttin that together.

I'm about to buy my first compressor and I'm havin a hard time deciding. I was almost set on one of the twin tank contrctor type, but then I read in one of the posts about having a larger tank so the compressor wouldn't cycle on and off too quickly.

I'd be usin it for light duty stuff at first (blowin dust out of sanded cabinets, auto/road bike tires), but then some nailers and light automotive tools later on.

Would a contractor type not be good for me? I also found a "regular" husky(ch really) 26 gal oil-less that pushes 5.1 cfm @ 90 psi. maybe that's better? thanks.
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If you plan on using air tools(impact, air ratchets, paint guns and the like) I would go with the larger capacity tank. The small dual tank comperssers are great for air nailers but not for continual air feed.
Good luck with your projects and post back
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An oiless compressor, as explained in the sticky, is for extremely short, light duty use.
There is no future in owning one if you are planning to use it more heavily in the future.

A belt drive, oil type, cast iron head unit with a larger tank is what you should look for if you want something you can grow into.
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Consider upright model

Though it's not as light as a 4-6 gallon twin-tank or pancake (60-70#),
if it's capacity that you will need down the line, consider a garage-oriented
unit with a vertical tank which is portable (two wheels on an axle).
It will have a smaller footprint in the garage than a horizontal, though still larger
than the twin-tank which is usually dedicated to nailers that do not use air continuously. These can run on 110 or 220 AC power.

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