Dewalt Cordless Nailer?


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Dewalt Cordless Nailer?

Has anyone had any experience with or heard anything about the Dewalt cordless nailer? As far as I know, it doesn't require any gas cartridges, only battery. . . OR bigger question: What advantage would there be to having a compressor and a pneumatic gun? . . . I'm a DIY'er and looking to invest in some new tools for a home renovation. I'm sick of borrowing!!!

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Taunton press publishes a magazine called fine homebuilding. This month's issue has a brief review of the nailer in the new tools section. I don't have it in front of me but from what I recall they said the nailer actually looked pretty handy though it was hevy enough that extensive overhead nailing would tire you hands/arms out pretty quickly (again this is just from memory). Overall it was a favourable review.

Using a compressor would give you a lighter gun (but of course you then have to worry about the hose) and of course you wouldn't have to worry about having the battery charged. I could see this nailer being real handy for places that I didn't want to drag my compressor or hose out to. It would also be nice for quick jobs because you wouldn;t have to fill yer tank up just to drive a half dozen nails. But I wouldn't consider it an alternative (replacement) to a pneumatic. Rather it is a supplement to it.

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