Calculation of how long an air tool will run on a lower rated air compressor?


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Question Calculation of how long an air tool will run on a lower rated air compressor?

I am wondering if there is any way to calculate the amount of time an air tool will run on an air compressor that is rated lower than the CFM required by the tool.

I am eyeing this cute little compressor from Porter-Cable: Linky
Specs:Air delivery at 100 psi: 4.4 CFM

And I am wondering how long I can run my dream impact wrench rated at 5.0 CFM at 90 PSI on the Porter-Cable compressor? I am guessing that 20 seconds of use would be good and more than enough to crack open any tough nut. Here is a link to the Ingersoll-Rand 2135TI Titanium 'n' Torque (T'N'T) Ultra Duty 1/2" Air Impact Wrench: Linky(btw...I was shocked when I first discovered that such an impressive impact wrench even existed, you could check out the nice Flash demo at this location if you're interested: Linky

The impact wrench is able to bust nuts torqued at 1000 ft lb. I'm sick of loosening nuts torqued to 600 ft lb by some idiotic mechanic, so I would very much want to crack open any nut that is tighten by any mechanic that ever existed... Of course, when I choose to, I could tighten a nut so tight that those air gun wielding mechanics will cry in despair when they are trying to remove the nut...

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as for your compressor it not big enough to torque at 1000 pnd or 600.
not enough air pressure to build up in a 4 gallon thank.
I saw the demo but they dont show the compressor hock to it.
As for nuts i have mine torque at 250 pnd and there ok. any more might break the stud. My impact is a cp and paid 40 for it
i have 3 hp and 6 gallon thank and works ok
got it from and it's the pancake model.


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When I looked at the requirements for the tool, the Ingersol Rand page showed that it required 24 cfm under load. It seems unlikely that the 4.4 cfm rating of your indicated compressor will run the tool long enough to make it work.

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