Circular Saw Recommendation


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Circular Saw Recommendation

I am planning on purchasing a new 7 circular saw and want to keep the price under $150. I want a 15 amp motor but wish to keep it as light as reasonably possible. I am a southpaw and wish for the blade to be on the right side. I am leaning toward the Porter Cable MAG 324. I would like to hear from anyone who owns one concerning their experience with this saw. Also, any other recommendations for saws that I might wish to consider. Thanks
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I got a makita 13 amps now for over 20 years and i do used it alot.
I burn 1 sears, 1 skill and one bd before getting my makita.
i'm a southpaw it works of for me

hope this helps

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You're in luck, Fine Homebuilding did a complete review this month on all the top brands. I don't have it with me or I'd be happy to send you their best pick. If you're not inclined to buy it, I think the news stand still has it and you can quickly thumb through the article.
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Other left-hand saws

I have the non-magnesium PC LH saw and I like it very much, especially the 9-foot power cord.

The DW378G by Dewalt is also blade-left, as are most worm-drive saws.

For a 15-amp saw, use only 12-ga. extension cords to get full power from the saw motor.

Safety glasses are recommended to keep the wood chips out of the eyes.
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Thanks, MK, I'll pick up a copy this evening.
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Bottom line. Pick each saw you are interested in UP. Does it FEEL good. Is it comfortable? If you are going to be doing a lot of cutting, is it going to wear you out? Should feel like an extension of your arm. Next thing, will it do everything you need it to do (attachments and such). You will probably get a large assortment of answers here as everyone has a personal choice of brand or needs. YOU are going to be using it, get whats right for you. Good luck.
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PC Mag

I love my PC Mag
Feels great, works great, balanced great, does everything it should (and some things it shouldn't) effortlessly
I even liked the lefty model
It felt so good I considered that one

But I strongly agree with majakdragon, if it doesn't feel right for you, my opinion doesn't matter much
I tried out many, picked them up, held them, held 'em high like I had to cut vertical...same with any tool I'm considering
The funny looks stop after a while...or you get used to them hehe
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Do you get those funny looks because you're waving the tool around - or because of the "vroom-vroom" noises you're making.

My daughter won't go in a tool store with me anymore because of the 'vroom-vroom' noises.
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I...suppose it could be the noises...

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