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Post hand tools

I am new to DIY and often donít feel comfortable using power tools, they are little cumbersome and some times quite frightening. I much prefer hand tools for the extra control I have and enhanced sense of achievement I get from doing a project by hand. Does anyone agree?
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Welcome Gary

It's all about knowledge and learning.
The use of a hammer and chisel can can be intimidating to some.

Do you have a specific question on the safe use of power tools maybe?
They can be quite productive if used properly and safely.
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It's a matter of time and quality

What are your expectations as to the quality of the result?
Is time ever a factor in reaching completion?

Some non-powered tools, such as planes, drawknives and larger manual equipment such as axes, adzes and the like bring considerable complexity to the project. In addition to requiring more time, there are learning curves attached to use these tools safely and properly to achieve the desired result.

A friend today wished that he had borrowed my pneumatic roofing nailer (or rented one) to complete his re-roofing job in about 1 day rather than taking 4 days to hand-nail it.

As a DIY, there are projects such as furniture which can take just as much time as you want to give. There are others, such as leaky roof, clogged drains, malfunctioning heaters and A/C systems that cannot wait for the DIY to get the tool, learn how to use it and get the job completed.

There are times to choose NOT to DIY and call a professional to get vital home systems working again.
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Well I dont think I could survive without my impact gun. Its 650Ftlbs of torque and its a monster, but as long as your safe with them, its fine.

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I couldn't imagine pre drilling finish holes for trim work anymore. Take all the fun out of using a gun. Countless other examples but I think the point is this: If you learn to use any tool properly and have respect, not fear of them, they are fun to use and make your life MUCH easier. Best of luck!
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No tool collection is complete without hand tools. As much as I detest a hand saw there are times it is needed. I'm sure most of us started out with basic hand tools. As you work and learn, you work on aquiring the power tools you need. As countrymac noted I'd hate to not have my nail guns. With my failing eyesight it is almost impossible for me to set a nail.
If you are an avid DIYer I'm sure it won't be long before your skill levels rise and your tool assortment grows
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I used to be like that, But really, you just need to realize that as long as your not "careless" when using the tools and follow all instructions, your going to be just fine. Machines can be intimidating. I recall the first time I got behind the "controls" of a bridgeport I was scared that that chunk of steel was gunna come flying at me. Now, I make sure I clamp work down, and I mill the correct way.


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I concur with marksr. No tool collection is complete without hand tools. - Sometimes there is no other way, when a power tool cant reach or you encounter obstructions where a power tool wont 'cut it'!
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Usually I do not go into almost year old posts but will this time. Hand tools are great, in their place. I can't imagine trying to cut a 4 X 8 sheet of board with a hand saw. I have told my kids that if you never put body parts in front of a knife in the kitchen, you will not get cut. Same goes for power tools. With the exception of an occasional "kickback". Respect is the key and knowledge of the tool is necessity.
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Heh, heh...
Yes an oldy but a goody
Last week I needed some cuts that most would break out the sawsall and miter saw for
I didn't feel like breaking them out and running power just for 6 or 8 cuts so I used my pull saw (it's not the first time )
Works great on 2x4 and firring
I use it for small trim jobs way more then the 'lectric saws
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it really gets me on the home improvment shows and they have a srew or two to drive and they grab the cordless drill/driver .
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Hey man, Why do it the hard way????


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