What to look for in a Generator?

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What to look for in a Generator?

I need to buy a generator to build a small camping cabin in the woods. I'm figuring 3k watts is sufficient to drive a power tool, and I thought I'd use this for power around the camp if its needed (plan on having it rustic, but you never know what might be added).

I found the choices even within a single manufacture to be quite large, so my question is:

1) What should I look for in a generator?

2) Are Inverter models worth it? I understand they are quieter, and make a better sine wave, but don't they also run at 3600rpm?

3) Of course price is a concern, since it may "disappear" but I want to buy something good without any unnecessary frills. so suggestions are welcome.

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I have a Honda 3000is 3kw inverter generator.

It is quiet, fuel efficient and rated for computer use. It also has electric start and the whole thing is fully enclosed.

At low idle, I can hardly hear it at 20 feet. It is not much louder at full throttle.

Yes, it was more expensive than a regular 3kw generator, but it fits my needs that couldn't be met with a regular generator.
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Noise level, run time and weight

Run time - at least 6-8 hours or more
Weight - will this unit be moved around or locked up in one place
Noise level - as quiet as possible - if stationary, the exhaust could be discharged into a barrel buried in the ground to further reduce the noise
Electric start - desirable but also need either recoil start or a second battery
Low oil shutdown - get it.

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