Craftsman Rotary Die Grinder


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Craftsman Rotary Die Grinder

I have a Model 315.17440 Rotary die grinder which I use a LOT. It recently lost its locking pin, and when I took it apart to see what else it might have broken I found a few other things that needed replacing. I could find them all on their parts ordering web site but was told that the plastic bearing adapter #1-611864-01 was unavailable for ordering. Anybody know where I can get this adapter? Its pretty much useless without it, and this one has disinegrated.
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I'm taking a stab in the dark, but maybe it was made by Black & Decker, and you might be able to look up the B&D part at

They have tool diagrams and part lists, (example: ) and you might be able to find a matching part. If not, give them a call at their 800 number and they might be able to cross-reference your part for you.

I've had good luck with this company in the past. Good luck!

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