What's a good and accurate torque wrench?


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What's a good and accurate torque wrench?

I need a good, accurate torque wrench for securing engine mount bolts on my motorcycle to 39ft lbs. I don't want to pay a fortune either.. any recommendations?

also, since I have to use an extension socket to get to the bolt, does using an extension socket on a torque wrench throw off the torque numbers? or is the torque numbers till just as accurate as without using an extension socket?

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Try Sears. Built a few engines with Craftsman torque wrenches before I moved up to Snap-on.

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Jester is right on, the Sears/Craftsman "deflection beam" wrench is fine for your application.

Also, because I'm really anal about such things, (and my wife says I just NEED to show off how much "worthless stuff" I know), remember it's FRICTION you're measuring, and from that you're INFERRING torque.

So, make sure you're using the figures for DRY, UNLUBRICATED, COARSE (OR FINE) THREAD. I've seen the oil and sweat on hands throw off torque settings by AS MUCH AS FORTY PERCENT.

Probably just as important to get them all the same.


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