Dremel Tool Speed


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Dremel Tool Speed

I have a Dremel tool whose variable speed is no longer working. The tool either is off or at full speed, when you turn the variable speed switch on.

I was told to go to Radio Shack and they would have a Rheostat that I can put on the electrical cord to control the electricity to the unit. They had no idea what I was talking about.

Someone also told me there is a Rheostat unit that I can plug into a outlet and then the tool.

Anyone know of such of a thing or I am better off just buying a new Dremel.

Thanks, Mike Marmer
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You didn't say how old the tool was. Dremel has a website with customer service and a toll free number. The site explains how they will repair the tools depending on certain criteria. The max cost is $35.00. I just sent mine in as the tool stopped and it was fairly new. The brushes were froze in. Waiting to see what they do. Good luck.
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I agree with majak. Check with Dremel or the retail unit you bought it from. I am on my 3rd dremel and I have only ever paid for one. I think they burn out fairly easily (especially when using the extension wand). I burned out the last one very fast just a day after I picked it up (it may have been deficient) and just swapped it out for another at the store.

One thing that's always bothered me about dremels is that the instructions suck. There are all these attachments and I have no idea how to use half of them. Anyone aware of a good resource to tell you how to use them all?
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Just got my Dremel back today. Something was wrong internally and unable to be repaired. They sent me a brand new tool.

Call them up and see what they say.

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