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Air Compressors

I own a Sears 6 Gal/2 Hp small home-type air compressor. It normally meets my needs--works fine with the paint sprayer and nail guns. However, I bought a 13000 rpm Sears sander with a 90 PSI requirement. When I regulate to 90 PSI it only runs at full power for a few seconds then the compressor kicks on but the sander quickly runs out of power in less than a minute. I have to wait until it powers back up then once I began I get maybe a minute tops before it's out of compression--meanwhile the compressor never shuts off. Is the sander different from other attachments because the air pressure depletion is constant? Or, is this small compressor simply not powerful enough to push the sander?
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Can't keep up

Your air compressor probably provides about 4 cfm and the 6 gallon tank is fairly small for a high cfm tool such as a sander. Unless you will have other high-demand air tools in the future, probably better to get an electric sander.
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Nailers and low volume sprayers

Almost all nailers, even framing nailers, present a very low volume, intermittent load to an air compressor. Some air-powered spray rigs, depending on how they are used, can be driven from a compact compressor such as you have.

I would estimate that your sander wants about 7-8 cfm continuously while it's running. The packaging for the sander should give requirements like 7 cfm @ 90 psi.
If you really want to use this sander, I would recommend something like: 3 HP, 10.3 CFM At 135 PSI, 230 Volt with an 80 gallon tank. Weighs about 250#, cost $600 for the compressor plus another $150 for the 230 volt electrical circuit to power it.

So, for less than $1000, the sander will have sufficient air supply to run continuously as long as you want it to.

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