Any advice on a respirator for paint fumes?


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Any advice on a respirator for paint fumes?


I'm a contractor, so I figured I'd ask the tool professionals about this. I didn't see a "tool safety" forum, so I'm just asking here. Is a respirator a tool... I'm gonna say yes ;-)

I don't have any ventilation in my workspace, but have to paint 130 plaques with oil base Ronan paint. The stuff stinks and I don't want to be breathing it in for hours (130 x 2min. = 260min) x 3 (prime, paint, paint) + misc time... scary.

I saw some nice respirators online that hold the cylanders... does anyone know how long the cylanders last? Do they work? Anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks gang
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I spray catalyzed lacquers, conversion varnishes and other highly flammable prodcuts. I use a respirator from Binks, the same company who makes spraying equipment. I paid about $50.00 for mine and the cartriges are refillable.
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I'll look into something with the refillable cartridges... that makes more sense.

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I too use a respirator when I am painting.
I must add though that you must be carefully select the cartridge to match the paint.
There are some coatings, especially catylized ones, where respirators are not totally effective.
Here, it is a requirement that when using certain coatings, the painter must have an air supplied respirator and have adequate ventilation.

The best source for what to use would be the paint manufacturer.
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I think the replacable cartridges kind are pretty good
I got mine at the hardware store, but I got the best they had
The cartridges I use say on the box that some are good for particles, some for fumes, etc.
They are pretty specific
Though I tend to leave the "fume" cart. in there even when I need just dust protection
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thanks to all for the infos

much appreciated!

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