Looking for a retail store that cares Hitachi routers


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Looking for a retail store that cares Hitachi routers

I would like to get my hands around an M12V Hitachi router to see what it is like, but Home Depot, Lowe's and a couple of local stores do not carry them.

Does anyone know of a national or Southern California store that carries Hitachi routers?

I have call the Los Angeles district office and they gave me the names of some dealers, but none of them carry routers or Hitachi power hand tools.
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Western Tool Supply carries the Hitachi brand
Might be worth a call to see if they have the routers
I have a link some where...
With some Cali addies and phone #s too
Here you go:
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Texas Tool Traders - a retail supply to the framing contractor trades is where I saw one most recently. Call up your local remodeler or building contractor and ask where they obtain their nails, nailers and associated equipment.
The borgs just sell what moves most quickly.
Western Tool Supply is probably a similar outfit.
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Hitachi router

Type 'hitachi router' into the Keyword Search box at the top of the page to take you to DIY.com sponsors who have hitachi routers.
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I live in Ohio, Lowe's carries the AWESOME new router here. All you need to do is ask someone in the tool department to order one for you. Although by now they should be carrying them. I got one for x-mas and i'm telling you what.... I absolutely love it. I'm a finish carpenter and I use it about twice a week. Hitachi has the best tools on the market as far as i'm concerned and they have certainly "one up'd" everyone else with this router!!!!
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Lowes carries the M12VC
Very different from the M12V

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