Screw Gun


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Screw Gun

I need a screw gun and was debating between the Milwaukee 6742-20 and the Dewalt DW272. Has anyone had any experience with either model and is one considered better than the other? I noticed the Milwaukee had a ball and roller ball bearing system while the Dewalt has a ball and needle bearing system. Is one better than the other? Thanks
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My personal preference would be the Milwaukee but if they are in the same price range you would be splitting hairs over which would be best for you.

I think the weight and feel plus the basic features you need should be the deciding factor.
I am not familiar with those models but the last time I looked at drills the Milwaukee seemed to be a little lighter and better balanced but that's just me.
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I prefer Milwaukee over Dewalt.I own a 1/2" corded VSR hammerdrill {its about 15yrs old & still runs like achamp},& a 1/2" 18v hammerdrill{about 2 yrs old}.I epsecially like the reverseable battery feature to allow for more room in tight spaces.
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I bought the DeWalt screwgun (2500 rpm) refurbed. Works great for driving screws into wood decks, also works for drywall. I already had a Bosch screwgun (4000 rpm) designed for metal studs behind drywall, but I seldom use it.

BTW, you did not mention the application. Slower 2500 rpm for wood works quite well in drywall onto wood studs. The pros will use the trigger lock and let the motor run continuously. Hearing as well as eye protection would be advised.

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