Drill bit stuck in wall!


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Drill bit stuck in wall!

I picked up a 36" flexible installer bit to run some new romex to my upstairs. First hole I try to drill the bit gets stuck in the hardwood. I got through the floor plate ok but there was a brace under it or something and it got stuck in that. Now my 14v B&D cordless sucks, i wasn't surprised that it didn't have the power to drill all of it. But i have used a Dewalt cordless and B&D corded drill and it still won't budge. The B&d torques it so much with out moving it i'm afraid the shank is going to snap... its not the highest quality bit. I already snapped off an inch or so off the end when my drill chuck couldn't hold it tight enough. Any Ideas how I can get the sucker out (or in)?
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I would clamp a vice grip onto the end of the bit and try to work it back and forth.

It may be in there to stay, especially if it was hot when it jammed.

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