Harbour freight bandsaw question


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Harbour freight bandsaw question

Anybody here have one of those cheap 4.5" metal cutting bandsaws? They are sold under a few different names, Heres a link to the harbour freight one: http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/cta...emnumber=37151

Anyway, I purchased a used one of these today for a good price. But its missing the table thats used when cutting in the verticle position. I was just wondering if anybody here has one, maybe they can post some pics of it so I can fabricate something close to it? Thanks!
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On the page you linked to there is a pdf of the product manual.
Between the picture and the manual it should be quite easy to build one.

I've been thinking about buying a similar saw.
Let us know how it works.
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Thanks Greg. I didnt see that there. Looks simple enough to make.

The saw isnt a bad deal I guess. The supplied motor is terrible. Not an exageration when I say it barely has enough power to turn the machine without cutting anything. It uses a full size "A" belt on some very small diameter pullies which robs almost all the motors power. You can almost count on replaceing the motor when you buy it.

I wanted to be able to cut aluminum at a decent speed and slow down to cut steel without changing pulleys so I replaced mine with a variable speed 90v DC motor. Actually its a treadmill motor with an SCR drive all from the surplus center. Power seems much better now, but I need a new blade before I can really say much about it. I'm sure it will be decent after some tinkering.
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I have a metal cutting band saw. I use it for knifemaking, always in the vertical position. I took the flimsy work table off, and built a better table out of 1/4 inch metal plate, about 12 inches x 12 inches. It mounts with 2 screws next to the blade guide. I supported mine in the back against the cast tower to make it square 90 degrees to the blade. Make a template out of cardboard first, and cut a slot for the blade. Coat it with something to prevent rust.

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