New to woodworking

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New to woodworking

I would like to build some bookshelves, and would like to make a dado cut (let the horizontal shelf lay in a groove of the vertical board) - Is this a dado cut? What tool do I use to make a dado cut?
I am looking at purchasing either, a compound mitre saw or a table saw. would like to get an introductory tool. My immediate need is the bookshelf, but would like to do more later - maybe the table saw would do the immediate requirement, but the mitra saw would do more later on. Maybe I should just buy a circular saw, and maybe a router....
Thanks for all replies - Not looking for a brand name..... just the type of tool to get this job and maybe more done.
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Get the table saw first for sure
It's probably the best all around "introductory" saw
Though I did build a corner entertainment center with just a framing saw once, dado cuts and all hehe
...well, I had a palm sander too
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Yes, it's a Dado.

Hi there jimmgriffin. Yes, the type of cut your talking about is a dado. It's just that you might not want that. If you putting more than say 50 pounds (distrubited of course) on a single 2x6 board and then doing that for 4-6 boards on a bookcase that's between 4-6 feet tall then you will really weaken the side support unless you start to put divider supports on each shelf. It would really suck to have a full case cave in on it'self because to many dado cuts.

Consider the weight and then decide wether dado's or support dividers or corner braces or any combination will get the job done. I'd make life eaiser on yourself and just use good wood screws and corner braces then mabey support dividers. The dado's wont help much with weight support and may just weaken the whole thing.

As for tools to recommoned, Id say a high quality circular saw (can be extremly useful if you dont need a wood shop) and then a good miter saw and good miter saw stand. If your building a wood shop or will be doing a lot of serious cutting then skip the miter and get a table saw with a good fence.

I just cant stress enough how useful a good circular saw can be.

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