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table saw

Help!! we bought a used table saw and we are having a problem. when we try to cut a pice of 2x4, the blade locks up anmd won't turn or cut. it turns fine without the wood there. any ideas? we have tried tightening and loosening the belt and raising and lowering the blade. we are at a loss.
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Before we try to determine if you have a problem with the saw I must ask if you have ever used one before?
If not I would suggest that before you even go near it you do some reading on the subject.
There are some serious safety concerns with this tool and we really want you to not loose any digits.......... or worse.

Here is a basic how to so that you can at least determine if you are using the saw correctly and if you are, be able to give us a more detailed description of the problem.

Steps in using a table saw:

1. Make sure you are using the correct blade and that it's properly seated and tightened. Always use a sharp blade. Dull blades bind and overheat.
2. Check the blade guard. Is it in good shape and functioning properly?
3. Make sure the blade is alligned with the fence
4. Set the blade height to no more than 1/4 inch above the workpiece. The wood is more likely to kick back if you have too much blade exposed.
5. Look for knots and nails before you begin. Avoid them if possible; if they cannot be avoided, be cautious when approaching them.
6. Start the blade before it meets the work.
7. Stand to the side when you saw in case the wood is kicked back, and don't over-reach. You should always have both feet planted firmly on the floor.
8. Don't push the wood too hard into the blade, just feed it into the blade with a little pressure. Use a push stick to keep your hands clear of the blade.
9. Press the work firmly against the guide fence as you cut.
10. Always use the blade guards.
11. Wait for the blade to stop before removing it from the wood.
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table saw

thanks for getting back to me so soon. yes, my husband has used a saw before. we did finally get the saw to work. My husband thinks maybe the blades are not as sharp as they should be. also, it's good to know about not getting the blade too high. we had to do some adjusting of the belt, also. now we don't know which of those things made it work, but we do intend to buy some new blades. I was wondering, since the saw has been unused for a few years, if it needed to be oiled anywhere. ??
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If there are lubrication points on the machine and the user's manual recommends periodic oiling, then it is probably time. Be sure to use the recommended type of oil/grease specified by the manufacturer.
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If it has a belt and pulley, it could be that the set screw on the pulley is loose. Or if it has a key, the key could be sheared.
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thanks for that info. we tightened the set screws on both ends of the pulley. and i think that helped.
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