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Miter saw

My wife and I are moving into a new home this wednesday. I need to build a workbench in the garage and in the basement. As well, I'll eventually be taking a new deck on.

My father is very handy and has MANY tools, saws, drills, etc. I'm doing them no justice by explaining it that way. He's really into woodworking.

I have a nice Milwaukee Skill saw, corded Dewalt hammer drill, 19.2 volt cordless Craftsman drill, etc. I just don't have a chop saw, or a miter saw. He has a great table saw, but I don't think I'll be getting that much into it.

What I want is a miter saw that cuts angles, slides, has a laser, etc. I won't be doing anything advanced, but I would like to have something that I won't have to replace should I make it from the extreme basic status to the intermediate status.

Enough rambling---I want some suggestions on what I should look at, price points I will encounter, etc.

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Just quickly looking through a Tool Crib catalog, there are only a few saws that meet your criteria; sliding + laser.

Hitachi #C10FSB: $479
Bosch #4410L: $529
Bosch #5412L: $649

lasers aren't common with most saws, so if you would drop that requirement which really isn't necessary, you'd have a lot more saws to choose from.

If you haven't read it already, you might read the discussion on this subject at:
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The 12" Dewalt CMS that tilts in both directions will probably do everything you will need to do for about half the cost of the SCMS units. It will also likely outlive you; you won't wear it out.

I have a small Delta 10" that is small, light and portable. Typically available for less than $100, I cut only 2x lumber with it, so it meets my needs. Weighs only 23#.

You should also consider refurbished units that will reduce the cost further.
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I agree with Sleeper; the laser feature may be nice but not necessary. If you do go with laser, consider Bosch. One of their models has a dual laser so you can see where both sides of the blade will cut.

A feature I find handier than the laser, is dual bevel. This means the motor is either angled up or placed back out of the way so that the blade can tilt to either side. If you are doing a lot of molding this can make things a little easier to plan.

Hitachi's seem to get fairly good reviews though I've never used one. I'd stay away from DeWalt as you will be looking at a 12" with them and you don't need to spend that much based on your stated needs. Name brand I've used most is a sliding, dual bevel Makita without laser and I have no complaints about it. I don't think you need to worry about price points becasue your feature list will put you in a range where all the saws are within $100 of each other.
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I would not go with the Dewalt, in the list of saws it is the lowest one. Worst parts and remember Dewalt is the same as black and decker.

I would go with the HItachi or the Makita 10"
THe makita ls10 is the highest rated sliding mitre saw.
If you are wanting just a straight chop saw Milwaukee is the best. But do not get the Dewalt :mask:

Laser's are a neat option. But the reviews I have been getting back is they do not stay accurate after a fair amount of use.
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If I needed one I would try this. The beauty of it is that at this price it is replaceable if it doesn't work out save it for decks and rough framing. I know it is not on a par with the $500 tools,but may be worth a try imo.This is like 1/3 the price and has the laser he wanted.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I ended up buying the Hitachi C12FCH 12” Compound saw at Lowes. Out the door it was $312 ($299 + tax.),11,53,p248,

The C12FCH 12” compound miter saw features a laser marker that
indicates where the blade will cut on the material and can be adjusted
to the right or left depending on the user’s preference.

Both the C12LC and C12FCH are powered by a 15Amp motor with 1,950 Watts
of Max Output Power to smoothly cut through hardwoods with ease. A
pivoting aluminum fence that stands at a height of 5-1/8” allows crown
molding to be cut vertically. The miter ranges from 0-52 degrees, both
to the right and left, for a broader range of cuts. Miter angles can be
quickly adjusted using Hitachi’s thumb actuated positive stops. An
elastomer grip covers the saw’s horizontal handle. This reduces
vibration, while adding comfort and preventing slippage. The large base
provides better support and balance to prevent material warping. An
externally accessible carbon brush makes for quick and easy changes.

Hitachi’s new line of 12” compound miter saws reflect the aggressive
new ergonomic design being implemented by Hitachi Power Tools. Hitachi
is pioneering yet another new trend in the industry- tools that
incorporate the latest technology to improve performance and
reliability with ergonomic design- that will modernize the traditional
workshop or jobsite.

The C12LC and C12FCH come complete with a 12” TCT Saw blade, dust bag,
vise assembly, box wrench and hex bar wrench. They are the ideal 12”
compound miter saws for trim carpenters, framers and woodworkers who
demand precision and reliability. Both are compatible with Hitachi’s
Universal workstation. For more information including the full line of
Hitachi products and support, please contact Hitachi Power Tools at
1-800-829-4752 or visit

With a 12" blade, it'll cut a 4x4 and most everything I need it to do. Everyone I talked to said the radial arm wasn't a bid deal for what I was going to use it for. Once I advance in my woodworking, I'll buy a table saw if I need to cut something of length.

Thanks again!

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