tip hair tie clip


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tip hair tie clip

I was cleanning my workshop and my 4 yr old granddaugther was helping me out. I clean my tool section and was looking for a way to tie my power tool cord somehow not too wrap around the power tool.
My grand daugther has her little purse and she had those elastic hair tie with 2 wooden balls one at each end. I ask he if i could have one she said sure grandpa.
and man there the best to hold the cord.you just fold them and place clip around them
Now IOU my grand daughter $2. for her clips.
He has a good memory like here grandma
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I've seen bigger ones in woodworker suply stores. that's exactly what they're like... little pony tail ties!
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And the larger ones make a pretty good practical joke when you put one or two on the driveshaft of your buddy's pickup!
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I used to wear those ...back when I had hair
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Originally Posted by mango man
I used to wear those ...back when I had hair
cue: music *sings* "Mehmreeeeeeeeeze....like the corners of..."-oh sorry
Getting all nostalgic there...
....but we save alot on money on shampoo

That's a great tip pgtek, thanks!

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