What type of carry tool box do you have?


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What type of carry tool box do you have?

Just to liven up this forum,, what type of portable tool box do you have?
Does anyone still buy the small molded plastic boxes?

About 2 years ago I bought the new fangled semi-rigid black nylon tote that was sold at that time by Home Depot. It's an off brand. I love it. Has a million tool slots and no lid nor zipper. Weights in at about 20 lbs when fully loaded. It holds every small tool I need for finishing work as well as several small fancy containers for supplies or tool parts.

I have ever since studied all the other major brands that are now available, but none of them contain as many tool slots as mine has. I think the label is AWP.
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I have the tool box that rolls on wheels and has a handle. The lid has the closing snaps on each side. Lift up the top and it it has a shallow tool tray, below that has a tray that is a bit deeper and taking that out exposes the bottom storage.

I purchased it at home depot.

It makes it easy to bring around to jobsites.

I have found that tackle boxes for fishing are great for tool boxes too
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I've got several portable tool cases. One is a large tackle box... it's for all my router bits, collets and wrenches. Wish I had two matching sets so that I could have one under my router table and one to go with me on the job.

I've also got a large Gatemouth (knockoff) bag that has mesh pockets around the exterior, and various sized canvas pockets around the inside. All sorts of various hand tools fit in those pockets, tin snips, hand benders, screwdrivers, chisels, putty knives, prybars, chalk lines & chalk, etc, etc By the time you throw in the hammers, crescent wrenches and pipe wrenches, it gets pretty heavy.

My pipe wrenches are SUPPOSED to be in my plumbing box... it's just a large plastic Flambau toolbox that has various plumbing tools, plumbers putty, sink wrenches, copper fittings, pvc fittings, glue and primer, flux and solder, and my torch.

Then there's the nail and screw bucket. 4 section trays with 3d, 5d, 7d, 10d galv nails, galv deck screws, drywall screws, torx construction screws, and then there's the couple trays of misc junk that I keep in there for some unknown reason in case I need it.

Most of the rest of my stuff is always in the cube van either in the tool cases or in the 14' worth of 32x24 drawers I built underneath my metal break table. When I get a new cube van I'll definately be putting more time and attention into these drawers... ones that slide nicer and are more organized.
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I use several types of tool boxes most at the same time. I have two of the bucket boss nylon units that fit over a 5-gallon paint bucket, one in red and one in olive. They work very well at gaining access to many small items.
I also have some fiberglass and plastic toolboxes, most in the 19-inch or smaller size. They are organized by function and labelled on the top. A few surplus ammo cans hold the mechanic tools.
I have one large black fiberglass box that it quite large to hold extension cords, air hoses and paint sprayer hoses. The top can be used as a seat or work surface.
Since all my stuff won't fit into the pickup truck at the same time, I just grab the boxes that I need and set them loose in the truck bed. Larger items like wheelbarrows, generators and air compressors sit in the corners wedged in by the boxes.
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Hmmm....lots as I am pretty mobile

USAG 646 (metal) Fold out drawers
2 "Homer" boxes (Plastic, Big and Orange...you get the picture) each for specific types of tools
2 Rubbermaid boxes, medium (plastic) also each for specific types of tools
1 Rubbermaid small (plastic), very specific
2 large plastic storage containers for various type of tools

Gatemouth Longboy
Gatemouth Large
Gatemouth Medium
Eastwood Co. bag (old school paperboy-type)

Probably some more, that's all I can think of of hand that I use regularly
They are all filled and most stay in the van most of the time

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