Drilling holes for tv cable


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Drilling holes for tv cable

I want to run tv cable throughout my apartment.
What kind of drill bit do I use to make holes to run tv cable (RG95/U).
The bit that the cable tv installers use looks like an auger?
Hope I've explained this right. Thanx.
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you could used a spade type bit 7/16 or 1/2 in
or a auger bit 7/16 or 1/2 in
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I've done a bit of this (not an expert) and I found I could get away with smaller, cleaner holes if I was prepared to terminate the coax myself. Off hand I can't remember what size bit I used but it was not a spade. I would start small and work your way up to the smallest bit that will fit the cable. For thicker walls/areas, a fish might help.

Since you have an apartment, I have to ask. Have you consdered a wireless option? If you just want to plunk a TV in one of the bedrooms, going wireless might be something to consider.
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Drilling Holes for TV Cable

Thank you all for your responses.
The tv cable RG95/U is 5/32". The hole that was made by the Cable installation people previously was 1/2".
The wall I have to go through is 6-1/4".
How is an auger measured. From tip to tip 8" or 8" of actual cutting area?

What is a fish?
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When you look at a bit, you'll know right away if it's long enough. I suggest getting one that is somewhat longer than 6-1/4, cos you'll have to chuck it and still clear the other side. I also reccomend an auger bit, they are expensive but a lot more durable. A fish is a semi-rigid steel spring that you will use to hook up the cable to and pull it through the hole.
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Drilling Holes for TV Cable

Thank you for your prompt response.
I'll take it from here.
Thanx again.

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