(Recall) - Table for Sears Radial Arm Saw


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(Recall) - Sears Radial Arm Saw

Good day,

There was a recall on these saws blade covers - you can go to their web-site if you have their radial arm saw.



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Thumbs down What A Deal?

I contacted the web site since I have a Sears 10" radial arm saw, about 28 years old. Works perfectly. Their Deal ... I remove the motor send it to them and they will send to me $100.00, no new motor or new blade guard to be returned. I said I would be glad to do it, that is if I fall off the turnip truck twice this week.
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Mine's the same age
I went to the link and it wanted me to order a package
I thought it was fishy so I went to the Gov't website on recalls
It's all legit
The deal is the covers won't fit the older saws, so if you make it inoperable, they'll give you $100

They are supposed to send owners with compatible saws a new cover @ N/C so if you have a newer one, it probably worth it

I tell you what, if I took the $100 and put it towards a new Craftsman R/A saw, ya think it'd last 30 years?

coyotehills, if we haven't "put someone's eye out with that thing" after 30 years, d'ya think we'll be OK for a few more?
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Just saw this post after mentioning this recall in another thread...

The recall is legit. My father as well as my father-in-law both got kits for no charge after filling out the info on the website. Kit included new table top, new blade guard, and a few other items. Box was VERY big, and arrived within a week or two after filling out the form.

Unfortunately, some RAS' won't have kits available, especially the very old saws, and the odd sized (anything other than 10"). All they do is offer you $100 to murder your saw. If you don't want the saw, you can get $100 for the motor off Ebay (I know, I PAID around $100 for a used RAS motor a year ago to get my RAS going again).

Even if you don't care about the enhanced safety, the new top is VERY nice...well worth the time.
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Red face Recall parts on the way

I've had my RAS for a few years now, and I thought I bought it in 91 (just before I got married). I went to radialarmsawrecall.com and sure enough there was a kit availible. I placed my order online, and decided to follow up with a phone call a few days later. The lady at Emerson did not show that my order was placed, and was very happy to re-place my order. I should have a box of new parts in a week or so. I decided to order a few other parts from Sears as long as I was updating the saw, and to my dismay the one part that I really needed is no longer availible. I have a Craftsman 113.199250 10" and need the "cap, arm" piece (a plastic piece that goes around the power switch). Does anyone have any idea where I can find one? I've been watching ebay to see if anyone lists the same model I have, or if they have parts. I'm stumped.

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