My search for a router bit set


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Question My search for a router bit set

I am having trouble picking a router bit set to go with the DeWalt fixed and plunge based router kit I recently ordered. I have read that 1/2" is much better than 1/4". With only that info., I have mostly shopped at Home Depot, Lowe's and Amazon & have narrowed it down to two sets:

Ryobi 18 piece 1/2" set for $80 (best I could find at HD/L)
Freud 13 piece 1/2" set for $160 (most popular bit set on Amazon)

On one hand, I don't plan on doing tons of fine woodworking projects in my life, but on the other, I want quality tools that will last a long time. Is the extra $80 and 5 fewer pieces worth it? Thanks in advance.
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I would go for the Freud set.
I have a small collection of inexpensive bits and have had to replace a few half way through a project due to wearing out prematurely.
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I agree with GregH. Between the two Freud is the way to go, not just because of durability but also the quality of their manufacturing. Beware of any bits that look like a deal, even if they've got a familiar name attached to them.

Check out Router Bit World. I've ordered from there frequently, and I think they have that same set for $150 + $1 shipping. Other quality manufacturers to be aware of are Amana and CMT. I've used their bits as well, and have always been satisfied with their quality and durability. RBW sells theirs as well. They also sell a brand called Timberline that I've heard were decent, but I have no personal experience with them.
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I agree that Freud makes good bits. But there is one reason why you might consider a lesser quality carbide set. That is because you may never use half of the bits in the set. If you buy an inexpensive set with a lot of bits, you can replace the ones you use most often with top quality bits.
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As much as we all enjoy top brand tools, the fact remains that even the best router bits can become damaged from use. Spinning bits become loose and strike something and will chip. Improper use can lead to overheating and burning. Mishandling and poor storage can lead to nicks and rust.

I always buy top name bits for my specialty bits. I tend to buy good lower cost sets (i.e. set of 5 rounds over's in graduated sizes). But that is purely a personal choice bases on economics.

You might be operating under the assumption that you won't need to spend more money on more bits. As a router owner, you will always be adding to your bits collection. Many router owners spend many times the cost of the router for the many bits purchased with use over time.

In summary, I believe you will be happy with either of the two sets you mentioned.
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Smile Thank you!

Thank you all for the information. I now have a plan. Thanks again! Great site, by the way...

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