I broke my beloved Craftsman circ saw- help!


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I broke my beloved Craftsman circ saw- help!

For over 25 years, this workhorse has served me well. Today I was using it with a masonry blade to cut brick & it just stopped after about 3 mins (after I evidently had too many brick being cut at once). Line is still live (didn't blow the fuse), I can't see a reset button, & it didn't reset itself after cooling down). Any ideas of what I may have broken & what needs to be repaired?
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Is it worm drive?
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Brushes get my vote. Other things can be checked while it's disassembled. I assume that the motor makes no response to the trigger being pulled.
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My Craftsman saw which I puirchased in 1976 crapped out a year or so ago.
The cord was worn through where the clamp inside the handle grips the cable.

Replaced the whole cord with an 8' piece of 16-2 sjtw wire (double insulated) and it works like new.
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GregH is the MAN!

sure enough when i took it apart i found the cord was worn & separated. 10 minutes later it was working like new. thanks for the advice. you saved me the cost of a new saw.

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