New Planer


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New Planer

Hi, I am in need of a new planer. I had a Delta 12 inch portable planer and the motor died. They wand 200 for a new motor.... NO WAY!!!! I have been looking around at planers, boy are there a lot of them!!! I'm not a professional at all.... The reviews are so varied that I am really getting confused. I don't want to spend a lot of money, but the law of averages says "you get what you pay for"... Can anyone suggest a planer that isn't THAT expensive (under 300) that isn't going to croak or cause me serious grief?
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Delta 12" .
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How about a Stanley #5?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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The Stanley #5 comment may not be appropriate.

A Stanley #6 at nearly 10" longer would be a better replacement for a 12" Delta thickness planer.

The #5 Stanley comment made me go out and see which long plane my Grampa had given me and the #6 I have is 17 1/2" long.
I also happen to have a 12" Delta.
I don't have many hours on my Delta but an aquantance planed the maple from a four lane bowling alley with his.
His only problem was caused by not using a metal detector.
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I can't give you a long-term service opinion, but I bought a Ryobi (13" I think)last year from H. Depot that is working really well for me and was not very expensive.
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I don't own a planer but for what it's worth I did read an article that did head to head comparisons on 12" portable thickness planers that polled pros and novices. Dewalt, Delta and Rigid were at the top. You might want to see if the Rigid is one of the tools now covered under the lifetime service guarantee. Good Luck

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