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I didn't find a single hit with a search, and couldn't find a more appropriate place to put this. Does anyone do any powdercoating? Is it really possible to do a good job with just an old home oven and one of those $60 Harbor Freight jobbies? A compressor is needed to run the powdercoating gun, correct?

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Did you check your local phone book? There are several places in my area that advertise there. Sometimes they are listed under "Electrostatic Painting" (some places paint things like wrought iron fencing with an electrostatic process using traditional paint, so ask if they do powdercoating).

Also check out www.eastwood.com for home use powdercoating supplies.
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+1 Eastwood sells a kit that is supposed to be very easy to use, as long as the item will fit in your oven lol.


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