power saw problems


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power saw problems

A couple questions -- I have used my Skilsaw pretty heavily building my deck this summer. While cutting through a 2x8 sometimes the blade would grab and the saw would almost launch out of my hand. The last time it happened, sounds like something broke and the blade now spins freely (blade is still fastened tight to the shaft). This is their low-end model. Would it be practical to get this repaired? In the meantime I went out and bought a Makita circular saw which I like quite a bit.

2nd question -- when making 45 deg cuts using my 10" compound mitre saw (also a low-end model), the cut is not nice and straight but is kind of bowed. The wood is clamped tight so that's not the problem. Would this be due to something with the blade itself or is it a problem with the saw? Will a different blade help?

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Junk the Skilsaw. It would probably cost more to fix than it is worth, if you can even get it fixed. The Makita is a good saw and will last for years..... IF you don't bind a board and break something.
The miter saw problem sounds like maybe the board may be "cupped". Is the board nice and flat when you lay it down, or does it "rock"? If you are working with pressure treated wood, chances are the board is to blame. That said, it's also a good idea to put a higher quality blade in it. Generally, the better the blade, the better the cut.
Good luck !
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Abandoning the circular saw is the right decision. I had this type of failure on a miter saw and I knew how it happened. I decided that an impact wrench was just the tool to use to make sure the blade bolt would be good and tight.
Oops, there's a gear drive between the motor and the blade - the torque damaged the key holding the gear to the blade shaft - motor runs, but blade does not move. After replacing the key, the saw resumed normal operation.
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I put a cheap blade [I got a deal ] on my 10" mitre saw - You can see the blade flex when making a cut. I suspect you need to do the same as me and get a better blade.

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