DW744 Type 1, armature bearing problem


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DW744 Type 1, armature bearing problem

Our Dewalt table saw bit the dust this week, and I'd like to attempt to fix it myself. If you view the schematic at: http://www.toolpartsdirect.com/cgi-b...t/DW744_TYPE_1 and look at part #69, that ball bearing assembly has seized up, and the sleeve, #59 is obliterated.

I've got the motor out, and it's partially disassembled, but I can't seem to figure out the trick to getting part #69 off the shaft. Is it pressed on? I don't want to scratch the shaft by attempting to beat it off. Do I need some sort of small puller?

While I'm at it, I assume it would be a good idea to replace the bearings and retaining rings on both sides of the armature?

My grandfather used to be good at fixing this sort of stuff, but he's not as young as he used to be and I'm afraid that he'd start whacking it with a hammer!
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This reminds me of a near zero clearance bearing on a jointer motor I worked on once. I ended up making a homemade puller/grabber, but was more of a simple steel plate that would grab the edge of the bearing to permit pulling operations. I really don't recall what I made that day, but just study the part till you figure out what will work.

Of course if your replacing the bearing, then just weld a couple steel rods or screws or whatever, to the bearing and pull it off.

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