new sledge hammer handle


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new sledge hammer handle

any advice on how to out a new handle (wooden) on a 16 lb. sledge?
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hello walkerstoo,

I'm not sure I understand the question.
Do you mean remove the broken handle piece?

If so you could use a small drill to remove material untill you loosen the remaining piece.
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you can burn the handle out also , ive done it with a propane torch... personaly I wouldnt rehandle a sledge hammer , it can be a bit of trick getting a handle to fit and a 8lb hammer head going in the wrong direction is not something I would want to be part off

claw hammer sure Ill try , 8lb sledge time for a new one.

one other thing if it happens to be a sears craftsman they will replace it , I had a handle break on one once and I was surprised that they gave me a new hammer
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The handle normally is inserted from the bottom of the head (where the handle protrudes) until becomes too wide to insert further. Then, wedges are inserted into the top of the head to expand it and keep it from flying off the handle.

Removal could be accomplished by sawing off the remainder of the handle sticking out the bottom, then drilling around the edge of the wood that remains. Once this is done, use a short section of pipe or solid round stock to push the wood plug out of the hole in the head. The head will need to be set on something very solid with an opening in the center to allow the plug to exit downward.
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I still have my favorite hammer. I've replaced the handle three times and the head twice, but it's still the best hammer I've ever owned...
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Let's assume walkerstoo's handle slips easily from the head. This does happen to sledgehammers.

A steel wedge is the ideal fix for loose heads - sledge, pick, claw hammer, etc. These are manufactured for the purpose and can be bought at hardware stores. Nails are often used in a pinch but ultimately do more harm than good. A good home-made alternative to the steel wedge is a pair of thin steel plates pounded into the wood (bits of electrical box are the right thickness), then a third plate pounded between them - wedging them apart.

If fitting a new handle then some whittling will be necessary.

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