Nailer Sparks


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Nailer Sparks

Got a Senco 601 Framing Nailer this weekend. woo!

Made short work of my subfloor and now I ahve to build a closet.

However, I noticed when I used it on the floor, every other or so nail would cause a few sparks to appear out of the front of the nailer.
I have used a brad and finish nailer before and never seen that.

The nails were Senco brand 2-3/8" nails. The pressure was set to 100psi and I put some oil drops into the thing when I started. The nails would set just flush with the plywood.

Is this normal? Is it normal for a "break-in" period?
I read and re-read the manual, seemed to have followed all the setup requirements.

Any ideas?
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I finally convinced myself I couldn't be without it any longer and recently bought a Bostitch 3 1/2" framer.

I've run about a box and a half through mine and get the odd spark.
I am not too worried about mine considering the nails for the Bostitch are held together with a welded wire.
Mine works flawlessly and was going to run a few thousand nails through it before even asking.
Yours are paper collated are they not?

Maybe someone more experienced can offer their thoughts.
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The sparking is completely normal. I get it in my framing nailers as well as in my coil fence gun. Because it CAN occur, nailing should not occur in or near a flammable atmosphere.
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Yup... the "hammer", "piston" "driver" whatever you want to call it, is hardened steel. The nails are steel... bound to spark.

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thanks for all the feedback. Time to re-build this house

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